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Spring Carries to Summer, And Often to Transition

As the temperatures climb, the great outdoors often call for our attention. As you get ready for your next great adventure, personal or corporate, we would like to help you. Together let’s get your documents in order before you take to the beach, camping, cross-country trekking, cooler climates, Fiesta San Antonio 2016, sitting poolside, vacations far away, waterskiing or whatever else, we can assist with your contingency planning and transition planning. Whose is in charge of major decisions while you are apart on from the other? And, if you are simply gearing up for company changes from leadership to operations to ownership, we can help you with that planning too.

The practice of law is a passion for us as well as a business. It is a business we take seriously.

We Are Committed To Our Clients

The attorney-client relationship is unique.  Clients entrust us as their legal counsel to help them address their legal needs.  Your legal matters are important to you.  When you bring your legal needs to us, your legal matters become important to us as well.  We are committed to the delivery of attentive, competent, considerate, strategic and high quality legal advice, guidance and advocacy for our clients.  We are mindful of our charge in handling your affairs and the responsibilities that come with it.

We Are LM Tatum, PLLC

Our clients entrust us, as legal counsel, with personal and professional affairs that are very important to them. It is our charge as legal counsel to advocate for and guide our clients with the goal of achieving their individual and business objectives for which our legal services are engaged. LM Tatum, PLLC intends to keep the attorney-client relationship in the forefront while providing high quality professional legal services.

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The law can be very complicated. So, do not hesitate to ask. Your problem may worsen over time if you ignore it.

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